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Fingerprint Identification
 by William Leo, has been adopted as suggested reading for fingerprint examiner certification by the Ten-Print Certification Board of the International Association for Identification.

Published by LawTech Custom Publishing in 2004, the text is currently in use by criminal justice programs in colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada.

Fingerprint Identification is available from LawTech Custom Publishing at www.lawtechgroup.com  

                                                    1.  Ethics and Professional Responsibility
                                                    2.  Individualization
                                                    3.  Evidence
                                                    4.  Historical Overview & Scientific Foundation
                                                    5.  Court Acceptance of Fingerprint Evidence
                                                    6.  Recent Court Challenges
                                                    7.  Scientific Basis of Friction Skin Identification
                                                    8.  Fingerprint Pattern Interpretation
                                                    9.  Recording Finger and Palm Prints
                                                  10.  Fingerprint Classification Systems
                                                  11.  Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems
                                                  12.  Evidence Prints
                                                  13.  Powder Development of Latent Prints
                                                  14.  Chemical Development of Latent Prints
                                                  15.  Friction Skin Identification
                                                  16.  Identification Philosophy
                                                  17.  The Expert Witness
                                                  18.  Court Presentation of Fingerprint Evidence
                                                  19.  Deceased and Disaster Identification