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The following articles address current issues and have appeared in professional publications within the fingerprint identification community.

Fingerprint Identification:  Objective Science or Subjective Opinion?

These two journal articles address one of the most misused words today in forensic identification; the word "subjective".

click here to view the article "Subjective", The Misused Word

click here to view the article, Objective Science or Subjective Opinion

Distortion vs. Dissimilarity in Friction Skin Identification

This article addresses the technical differences between the two concepts.

click here to download Distortion vs. Dissimilarity Article

What are the Effects of the Daubert Decision on Fingerprint Identification? 

This article addresses the 1993 Supreme Court Ruling.  The article also includes a valuable bibliography of appellate court rulings on fingerprint evidence since Daubert.

click here to download Daubert article

Will DNA replace fingerprints in the 21st Century?

click here to download DNA article