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William Leo, M.S.
Fingerprint Examiner

Bill has over 35 years of experience in the field of latent print identification. Bill testified at the second Federal Daubert hearing on fingerprint evidence in Anthony Golden v. County of Los Angeles, et. al., US District Court for the Central District of California, Case #CV 97-6140 (1999) and has consulted on  other Daubert challenges.

He provided testimony in California Courts rebutting the testimony of Law Professor James Starrs in Orange County Superior Court, and Professor Simon Cole in Los Angeles Superior Courts.

Bill has experience in the examination and detection of falsified latent print evidence and has testified twice to his findings during trials.  He has also lectured and written technical papers on the cases that he has investigated.

Bill is known as an expert in the area of the scientific and historical foundation of friction ridge identification.  This expertise was developed while teaching college courses on the subject for the last twenty plus years.

He has appeared as an expert witness on fingerprint identification over five hundred times in California State and Federal Courts.


Consulting Services Available:

·         Fingerprint examination, including prints recorded on documents, such as notary journals.
·         Review of latent print evidence to determine evidence tampering or falsification.
·         Review and analysis of crime scene investigation reports and evidence.
  •          Expert witness testimony on the above.
 Expert witness testimony to support the admissibility of fingerprint evidence during Daubert and other evidence hearings. 
Bill will go anywhere, anytime (well almost anytime) to provide expert witness testimony supporting fingerprint evidence in Daubert, Frye, or other evidence hearings.  Prosecutors and other attorneys facing challenges to fingerprint evidence, please contact Bill for a free consultation on how to respond to these actions.

  The Fingerprint Examiner
Remember, the courtroom is an adversarial environment.
Both the prosecution and the defense have their own agenda.
Neither agenda is yours.
The fingerprint examiner is the advocate for the evidence.
Bill Leo, 1995 SCAFO Training Seminar

California Private Investigators License # 12148

Bill can be contacted at:


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