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This "Model Amicus Brief to Support Latent Print Identification" is just one tool to assist the forensic identification community in responding to legal challenges. This "model brief" is a generic document that was not written to respond to a specific challenge. However, it does incorporate responses to many of the points or areas found in briefs and motions that have been previously filed in attempts to suppress fingerprint evidence.

The intent of this model brief is to provide a resource for latent print examiners and attorneys who are in the position of defending the admissibility of fingerprint evidence. The brief can be cut and pasted into their legal responses. Latent print examiners and ten print examiners can use the various sections of the brief to develop their own responses to these issues while testifying. The brief also provides talking points for latent print examiners when they are speaking before groups addressing the rich scientific and legal heritage of friction ridge identification.

click here for model brief