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Advanced Fingerprint Examiner Court Testimony Workshop

On Bill's Retirement, The Training Room at the L.A.S.D CSI/Latent Print Section was dedicated to him


This “hands-on”, three day workshop is designed to enhance the testimony skills of all levels of latent print and ten print examiners. The workshop starts with defining the role of the expert witness, qualifying as an expert, direct and cross examination questions involving friction ridge evidence, and concludes with an in-depth analysis of current legal challenges and how to effectively respond to them.

Course Learning Objectives:

The student will have:

1. A thorough understanding of the role of the expert witness.

2. An overview of criminal procedures and courtroom tactics.

3. An enhanced ability to present fingerprint evidence in an effective and convincing manner.

4. Current information on the legal challenges facing friction ridge evidence.

The Instructor: William (Bill) Leo, M.S.

Bill served as the lead instructor and training coordinator for the Latent Print Section of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Crime Lab for the last eight years of his career, retiring at the end of 2011. Bill has over 35 years of experience as a latent print examiner and has been providing expert witness training and seminars for the past 25 years. Bill testified at the second Federal Daubert Hearing on fingerprint evidence in 1999, during a civil rights lawsuit and has consulted with U. S. Attorney’s Offices throughout the United States on other challenges. Bill has successfully provided rebuttal testimony, defending the reliability and scientific foundation of friction skin evidence against Dr. Simon Cole in Los Angeles Superior Courts and Law Professor James Starrs in Orange County California Superior Court during jury trials.

Bill has testified as an expert witness in State and Federal Courts over 500 times.

If your agency or organization is interested in hosting one of these 3 day workshops, please contact Bill at: